Matthew Neves
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You and Me

Everybody Dreams

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      1. We Are The Future


     2. Cotton Candy Skies


     3. Butterflies


     4. Sunday


     5. Roller Coaster


     6. Cheers To Nothing


     7. History Repeats Itself


     8. Color blind


     9. Defenseless


     10. We're All Alone


     11. Be Free


     12. Comfortable


You and Me


      1. Impossible


     2. Long Way Home


     3. Eyes Of An Angel


     4. Robbery


     5. Square One


     6. Days Of Summer


     7. Gonna Miss You


     8. Sweet Candy Kisses


     9. Searching For Heaven


     10. Misery Loves Company


     11. Today Is The Day


     12. The Man


     13. Something Special For You


     14. My Dear Anna




Everybody Dreams

You And Me Matthew Neves


     1. When Tomorrow Comes


     2. I Don't Know What You Believe


     3. In The End


     4. You're Magic


     5. I’ve Been So Far Away


     6. You're My Other Side


     7. Jenny's Not Sleeping


     8. He's A Loser


     9. Put On A Show


     10. She Said