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Be Free

He’s easily influenced by all his friends
Whatever he sees on the news
And hip to the latest trends

Like he’s got something
Something special to prove

Smashes girls on the weekend
Party’s so frequent
Even if he doesn’t have a reason

He’s bound by a chain
To this world a slave
Such little faith
Helpless and doesn’t wanna change


Break away be free
Don’t you let them lead
They’ll take control of who you are

No time to disagree
It’s in the book just read
That’s how I proved you wrong
No matter what you believe
You let your eyes deceive
And what you make your God
That’s how they fooled you all
This is where it begins
You must refrain from sin
I’m not scared to die
For what I believe in


Another derogatory song on the radio
Desensitized to everything we go with the flow
The more they buzz it in your ear
The less you care, the less you care

What’s the agenda
I don’t know
Want me to surrender
I don’t think so
I don’t want to lose my soul just ‘cause you told me so
And the chorus goes




What do you mean you can’t
Why can’t you
Just ‘cause life don’t seem to treat you fair
You’re scared to believe in
What’s hard to persevere
It's a challenge
And so you live life without a care
You should take my advice ‘cause the writing’s on the wall