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Everybody Dreams

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Gonna Miss You

I’m reminiscing on the times
When you were here and everything’s just fine
My bestest friend
My shining star
I shed a tear
Cause you seem so damn far


You know we’re gonna miss you
We’re really gonna miss you
And the memory of you will never fade
Guess God decided it was time to take you away
I know I’m gonna see you again some day
But for now you’re like the sun shining down upon my face


You made me laugh and
You made me cry
You were always there
When I was down
To pass the time
Who will I have
Without you here beside me
No one knows me like you
Why’s this all unwinding




Now the days go by a little bit longer
The mark you left gonna make me stronger
Made so many people smile
I question why you couldn’t stay a while
And you left the pain
It’s not the same
Give me one more chance
To play in the rain with you
Just one more time
One more time