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everybody Dreams Matthew Neves

In The End

And everyone’s eyes on you
The moment you stepped up in the room yeah
Beauty queen you know you’re so scared
You hope we stop and stare
You try so hard
But nobody cares
do do do do da


Chorus 1

In the end
It’s everyone for themselves oh
You’re not the only one
I said
In the end
Don’t give a damn about no one else
It’s all about you and you and you and you and


Chorus 2

Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be
A lesson learned
‘Til the day that you get yours
Make believe that your
Life ain' t worth living for
What would you do
If you ain' t had that ship no more


And make your way the stage is set for you
The moment ends, you’re gonna cry

‘Cause some say there’s no time like the present
‘Cause when it all goes down
You’ll catch up with all your lies


Chorus 1


Chorus 2


Chorus 1


Chorus 2