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Roller Coaster

Somebody ring the alarm

‘cause that girl’s on fire
More than a crush, she’s you dream she’s your every desire
She’s got all the moves that will make you obsessive
Attitudes never lose and it’s damn sure impressive


And the way she sips her drink she’s got a cocky look and a full proof plan
The way her body moves is like a roller coaster
Hot like a bullet bang bang
She don’t care she gonna do her own thing
Some girls ain’t meant to be tamed


Give her just a minute

she’ll burn the place down
And you ain’t got to give her your heart,

she’ll tear that bitch out
You can try to run your game but uh uh see she knows those
She’s looking so sexy gotcha huh in a choke hold



She’s on a mission
She’s driven by intuition
Got a vision
Gonna rule the world
Follow her ambition
Got you in submission
She's in control she's a special gal

Give me all you got baby
Shove it in my face
Go all out and drive me crazy
You know I want a taste
Strut that back it up
Lipstick on the whiskey bottle
Pop that and live it up


Somebody ring the alarm ‘cause that girl’s on fire
She’ll make you believe that she likes you she’s a damn good liar




Take one last look at that girl and say goodbye

Say goodbye