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Something Special For You

Yeah so you’ve given up having faith

you‘ve been wishing on a star
For someone

to come into your life and accept you

for everything you are


Well, baby well have I got news for you
All that waiting’s gonna pay off too
Oh and baby
You’re worth so much more and I swear
God’s got someone special for you


So don’t think about
His whereabouts
‘Cause God only knows when it’s time

to come on out
And make everything feel all right
And make up for the lonely nights
Wrapped in your blanket
Just thinking of being in love


You are so very special
Soon we’ll be together forever
Right next to me
Don’t never say never
‘Cause the Lord works in mysterious ways


So you’re frustrated
Plus, you’re down
Empty with no lover to keep you safe and sound

It’s just another day
Another hour
Tick ticking away
Grown bitter with no words to say




It’s not a waste of time
God knows you’ve cried and tried
To smile for months, for years
Inside your eyes
Just don’t let love die
Even it takes a while
For once to hear




God’s got someone special for you