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by Kristy Linkous, Indie Band Guru Magazine • July 29, 2016



I’m going to start this off by saying that music playing backwards has always seemed to give me the chills. Needless to say, it kinda scares me. That’s why as soon as “Cheers to Nothing” by Massachusetts born artist Matthew Neves started playing, I was a bit unnerved. (I’m a big chicken, not afraid to admit it.)


However, once I started listening further into the track, my fears completely subsided. It isn’t just the fact that Matthew has been in the game for quite some time, having developed an interest for music at a very early age. It also isn’t the fact that I read his bio, which describes his first venture into creating a band called DemoticA, a rock/metal band that produced two full length original albums before he went on his own. The most interesting thing about this track is that there’s such an interesting contradiction behind the music that seems to flow quite nicely.


Coming along with a very movie-like music video, “Cheers to Nothing” starts off with that backwards music that gives me the creeps, but soon gains a very Latin beat that focuses heavily on the guitar aspect early on. The vocals kick in soon after, and to be quite honest I got a very Lifehouse vibe from them. There’s that raspiness and continuity that makes for a good, comfortable listening experience.


Matthew Neves Exhilarates with “Cheers to Nothing”

The music video features two females in completely different scenarios, and the one that caught my attention the most was the college girl doing drugs. By the end of the video, I was left wondering if (spoiler alert) she ended up living or overdosing. I need answers. I must admit that having such an interesting music video set along with this song added to the suspense in a way that really just drew me in.


The song overall is quite pleasant, and the vocals have that soothing yet sultry sound to them that make for a really good listening experience. Go on over to YouTube to check out this intense song/video combo today.



Matthew Neves releases brand new Video for “Today is the Day”

 May 13, 2015

by Jamsphere Music Magazine


Matthew Neves (photo by Joe Tyler)


Three albums down the line and Matthew Neves has done it all. He received his first guitar aged 4, and then went on to play bass, drums, and piano. Neves then went on to play in various bands during his youth before going solo in 2004.


Neves has opened for acts such as Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) and Wu Tang Clan, as well as working with 2012 “X-Factor” finalist Jennel Garcia.  He has also won numerous music awards as an independent artist and also plays, records and produces just about all his own music.

After only one listen to “Today is the Day”, which is taken off Mathew Neves’second album, “You and Me”, it becomes apparent that this is an artist doing what he does best, which is to offer up gritty pop-rock music that is radio friendly, catchy, and melodic enough for the masses.


I got to listen to the track by way of Youtube, as Neves has just recently released the supporting video for this track, notwithstanding the fact that he has already dropped a third album entitled,“Diligence”.


“Today is the Day”, is nice melodious, rhythmic pop-rock with literate lyrics, a happy upbeat vibe and a sweltering hot guitar solo courtesy of Mathew Neveshimself. In fact I’m pretty sure thatNeves’ guitar playing, above all else, would be his perfect calling card. His guitar shines across all of his tracks.


But “Today is the Day” also has all the catchy hooks that Neves is so absolutely brilliant at, without any obvious pandering, and he does it with that indefinable edge that is present in most of his upbeat songs.

Without a doubt the spunky, bubbly and energetic video directed by Cory Bertocci, with a guest appearance by pro skateboarder Nick DomPierre, just adds fuel to an already flaming fire!


“Today is the Day” – and the entire “You and Me” album, for that matter – is an honest testament to Mathew Neves’ immense all-round musical talent – whether performing, arranging or producing.

-Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Music Magazine



Matthew Neves – “Today Is The Day” – Single Review

 May 14, 2015

by SBS Studios



Matthew Neves


Good lord! There are more beautiful bodies in the latest video from Matthew Neves than there is in the whole city we live in here in Abbotsford, BC. Doesn’t really seem fair if you were to ask me; but then – I also don’t have a freakin six-pack and I’m not built like the human-skin armour of Matthew Neves even remotely. It’s one of those time-tested truths; the beautiful attract the beautiful…and the people like me that have an appearance like a homeless-dude…well, we attract the ummm…maybe somewhat ‘less-than-beautiful’ on an all-too-frequent basis.


Not that I feel excluded from the world & music of Matthew Neves…it’s pure-rock and there’s always a way for a guy like me to crash the party and jump into the pool. So what if everyone starts to scream and run in the other directions when I bring out the rug that dominates my chest and dive right into the party? I’m IN!


Though this of course, is hard-rock…my most intensely scrutinized area in all of music. Over-populated with inconsistency that plagues the entire genre…it’s a never ending search for the ten bands out there that are truly doing something unique and new within the world of rock.


While I couldn’t possibly claim that Matthew Neves and his crew are here to reinvent the wheel-of-rock – I don’t really believe that’s the main purpose. These guys are basing this sound in an old-school classic style that might find itself as far along the timeline to something similar Buckcherry in our modern day, the majority of the sound & style is rooted in the rock-music of our history’s past. Of course, rock-music will NEVER die, no matter how many DJ’s can take the music out of the venues, there will always be a place for the music that Matthew Neves is making…and of course a ton of screaming women and fist-pumping men to support it.


All of this being said & pointed out – there’s a good song here for rock-fans. With crunchy guitars that chop alongside the beat and a solid drumbeat, Matthew Neves and his band have certainly brought the energy and sound required to make people want to join the party. “Today Is The Day” is often the sound of rock that people search for more of…it’s bright, it’s well-played…hell, even guitar-solos still exist in this band if that tells you anything at all.


Neves himself drifts in between tones that can make him as raw as Josh Todd and more nasal-tones that have him sounding closer to Liam Gallagher than perhaps anyone else. There’s good & bad in a combo like that…at times you might want the more ‘whiney’ elements of the Liam-like parts to die off a little in favour of the more rock-inducing tones he can carry that support the music a little more to its style & overall sound. But really…there’s not too much to complain about in a tight rock-song like this pulled off with the concentration & focus this group has…they’ve performed and played well & the song itself has all the right elements to support the party-vibe & freedom-feelings it’s driving at.


I’d be interested to know what the rest of the catalogue might sound like…seems like there are several directions that this could go…but I’m wondering if they’ve chosen ones a little less obvious in the material I haven’t heard. Definitely potential here as far as their skill-levels are concerned…and a rocking introduction into the world of sound Matthew Neves is going for. Is there more in the tank? The energy suggests so…let’s see what happens in the future!


We’ll be featuring the video for “Today Is The Day” in the upcoming episode of SBS Live This Week out later this month when we interview grunge-rock band Lung Flower – be sure to stay tuned into what we’re up to and check that video out.




Matthew Neves, Diligence

October 8, 2014
By Skope

Dilegence Album

Matthew Neves released his third studio recording, Diligence in September of 2014 and is celebrating its success. He is from New Bedford, MA and has been playing since childhood. He has had success in TV when he wrote the soundtrack for a mini-series called, Angles and his success keeps on coming.
Matthew Neves – Butterflies

Diligence is a beautiful display of his talents. It is a pop CD with solid substance decorated with a variety of up tempo and slow meaningful ballads. His vocals have a raspy but soft feel that makes you melt as you listen; an undeniable feeling as if he is singing only for you. He sings with heartfelt emotion that sells each tune with ear catching conviction.

The production is solid and well acclimated to every word. For me personally, I like the song, Butterflies, because it is poignantly sweet with a soft elegant melody. Less is more on this one; a nice solo guitar with a bright crisp sound. What woman would not want to hear a man tell them they make him complete, nice!

Matthew Neves is a rare talent that sounds familiar and well served in the Pop genre. But he has a unique melodious style that is not like anyone else. I’m sure he has his influences, but I cannot hear any one person that stands out other than himself. I believe he has a bright future and a huge career to come. Add the CD, Diligence to your music collection and you can say I knew him when.
I rate this 5 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca, Skope Magazine


Review You

Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: You and Me


Capitalizing on the success of his debut album Everybody Dreams, Matthew Neves released his sophomore effort, You and Me, on August 21, 2013. After the Massachusetts native released his debut in 2010, his musical endeavors have taken him from releasing his debut music video to taking on musical production for X-Factor finalist, Jennel Garcia. However, Neves couldn’t stray from pursuing his individual dreams. After working with Garcia, Neves started working on You and Me, the product that now holds 14 tracks. Instead of receiving assistance for the album’s constructions, Neves took the initiative in handing production, composing, arranging, and performing for You and Me. An individual effort, You and Me embodies all that Neves strives to be as an artist, capturing his sense of individuality and uniqueness, along with credible musicality.


Initiating You and Me’s beginning is the first track that is entitled “Impossible.” Immediately, the composition sets the proper tone for the remainder of You and Me. Instead of gradually allowing for Neves to showcase his artistry and ability to embody the rocker-image, Neves delves directly into demonstrating to listeners what talent he possesses. Sonically, the track fulfills the desire to groove, never missing a beat and never failing to keep up the pace. It’s heavily dominated by the percussion, which is predominately powerful. However, Neves does grant himself the opportunity to showcase, slightly, what his vocals are made of. Future tracks showcases his vocals more properly, but “Impossible” does provide insight to the smoothness and swiftness of Neves’ vocals. The lyrics are delivered with such swiftness and mastery: completely admirable. It’s difficult to find a vocalist, contemporarily, who can demand attention with a rocker edge. However, Neves manages to fill that vacancy with effortless edge: it evidently appears natural to him, as he embodies the rocker performance with “Impossible.”


Following “Impossible” is the three-minute track, “Long Way Home.” Though the drums are evident in the previous track, no other song on You and Me places a heavier emphasis on the percussion section. Though Neves makes listeners aware of his grungy vocals that are reminiscent of 90s rock vocalists, like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, the percussions completely captivate and dominate the song. Each fill is performed with such precision and mastery. The drums do sometimes take away from the focus on the vocals, but not too much. Instead, the song creates an impeccable balance between the two, as it reinforces faith in a rock genre that’s seemingly been lacking passion, at its core.


As for standout tracks, “Searching for Heaven” and “My Dear Anna” are worth of such a titling. “Searching for Heaven” differs in its original light instrumentation, only featuring an acoustic guitar accompaniment, at the beginning, to join Neves’ vocals. In creating an environment of original softness, “Searching for Heaven” provides the perfect setting for Neves to truly showcase his vocals. Though he achieved so on previous tracks, the soft twangy guitar allows for Neves to echo of his raspy, passionate vocals. Think of the construction of a modern-day Western film and “Searching for Heaven” would land itself on the soundtrack. However, “My Dear Anna” differentiates from such. Instead, “My Dear Anna” enforces both country and rock influences, demonstrating Neves’ versatility and diversity. He manages to apply several influences and different genre approaches to each song, truly enforcing his musical range. Continuing to captivate listeners with unique approaches to percussion, the drums dominate the track, again. “My Dear Anna” features mastery drumming, with such an emphasis placed on rhythmic patterns on the ride cymbal, along with inventive fills and the unique addition of sizzling the hi-hat. The percussion performance on “My Dear Anna” contributes to capturing a song of versatility and strong instrumentation.


Completing You and Me is the track entitled “Square One.” As the perfect exit for the album, “Square One” is overpowering, sonically dominating, and truly electrifying. Rather than the drums demanding listeners’ attention the entire time, “Square One” focuses on the instrumental performance from the guitarist. The twangy, electrifying riffs reverberated from the riffs complete the song, for without the melodic strumming, “Square One” would not be the song that it is. The platform created by such instrumentation constructs the impeccable platform for Neves to reinforce that despite any strong instrumentation, that he can still control a track. He easily reinforces his vocal dominance. The perfect finish for You and Me, “Square One” summarizes his diversity, range, and serves as the best way to complete the album.


Overall, You and Me is a remarkable performance from Neves. Such unique, edgy releases restores faith in a lacking genre and grants Matthew Neves endless potential. For now, it is up to him to capitalize on the impeccable products that he has created. Matthew Neves has made an album with a wide-range of influences, including alternative rock, country, and folk. You and Me is an experience and an expression of the musical journey Neves has taken: a journey that certainly won’t be ending any time soon.


Review by: Alexa Spieler, Review You
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)



Skope Magazine


Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: You and Me


It seems that New Bedford MA native Matthew Neves was hardwired to be a musician. His dad played guitar, his mom played piano, and as an infant he was jammin' to classical tunes all night in his crib.

At age four, he received a guitar as a gift; after teaching himself to work that instrument, he went on to bass, drums, and piano; he played in some bands as a youth, before going solo in 2004. The following year, he was composing soundtracks for the TV miniseries Angels. Since that time, he has performed at such big-league venues as Patriot Place (yep, the same joint where that dreamy, dimpled stud Tom Brady works his magic).

Neves has recently released his second album You And Me, a primarily rock affair with some sporadic blues. And the whole shebang was composed, recorded and produced by the artist himself.

About 20 seconds into the song "Days of Summer," it dawns on me that Neves's voice sounds quite like the Gallagher bros of Oasis.

The track "Eyes of an Angel" has a calming acoustic melody. Same could be said for the track "Gonna Miss You" - only this particular piece offers a delicate touch of piano as well.

The track "Impossible" has more of a jesting tone. In fact, it's not just jesting, but slightly mocking, as evidenced by the following lyrics: "You think you're better / I read you like a letter / It's only right if it's your way / Go 'head and set yourself away from the others." On a separate note, a brief but engaging guitar solo launches just before the 2:00 mark.

The track "Misery Loves Company" has a playful feel that belies its title. A pretty mean guitar solo takes flight at 2:17.

With the track "Robbery" we get some Neves fretwork at the very beginning.

Neves transitions from rock to blues with the track "Searching for Heaven." I was halfway expecting him to let loose with a blistering solo.

He does, however, stomp the bag out of his wah pedal on the track "Square One."

Oh shit, we get that blistering solo! Located at 2:33 on the track "The Man." Goodness me, sounds like New Bedford has its own Dimebag Darrell!

This Neves fellow sure can shred when he wants to. Rumor has it that he will embark on a nationwide tour in 2014.

Review by: Ray Cavanaugh, Skope Magazine



Skope Magazine


Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: You and Me



October 23, 2013



Passion is a word that I rarely use todescribe artists in this day of AutoTune and soul sucking corporate music, so it’s refreshing to hear an artist who’s not only passionate about his music, but is also more than capable of turning that passion into something almost magical. The songs are pure, honest and full of emotion, yet also layered, complex and really catchy. Matthew Neves is one of those musicians that makes others jealous at the sheer talent packaged into just one man. Think Dave Grohl if he weren’t as grunge and had an aptitude for harmony and elaborate guitar playing.


Skope: Upon listening I hear so many influences from 60′s dream pop to Curt Cobain’s raspiness. Who are your influences for the album?


Matthew: I am a big fan of the Beatles. Also, 90′s rock has always been my favorite era of music. You may hear a wide variety of influences throughout the album but I would say I have my own style.


Skope: How would you describe “You and Me” to Skope readers?


Matthew: The title represents songs about you and me. The general public can easily relate to the lyrics. The album is diverse and there’s something in it for everybody.


Skope: I read that you wrote and produced the album yourself, the album sounds very lush. What did you use to record the album?


Matthew: I produce all of my own music because I like to be in control of it. I have a state of the art recording studio in my home and use Cubase as my production program. I do not use AutoTune or any vocal pitch enhancing programs because it sounds artificial. I am a purist and want my sound to be as natural as possible. Sometimes technology can make an artist lazy and that can detract from their maximum potential.


Skope: Do you only produce your own music or do you produce other artists as well?

Matthew: I produce other artists on my off time to stay busy. I also like to write scores for films and music for commercials. I actually took a year off (2012) to write, perform and produce an entire album for an X Factor Season 2 finalist who made the top 12.


Skope: There are some exceptional guitars on the album, how long have you been playing guitar and who do you listen to for inspiration?


Matthew: I’ve been playing guitar since I was 4 years old. I also started playing drums, bass guitar and keyboards around the same age. I don’t really have a single guitarist that I listen to for inspiration. I like to listen to many different genres of music from various eras. I am inspired by great musicians in general and it does not matter what instrument they happen to play.


Skope: I hear you’re preparing to tour in 2014 in support of “You and Me”. Can you tell us where you’ll be heading?


Matthew: Right now the tour will include New York and Nashville.

Skope: What can audiences expect when seeing you live?


Matthew: The audience can expect a high energy performance. I put my heart and soul into every live show and I always have the best musicians for live events so the sound is tight. I want all my shows to be memorable.


Skope: Besides yourself, who else is in your band and what do they do?


Matthew: I like to play with different musicians. When I am planning a tour, I try to hire the best musicians who will be suited for the tour. I have used Timothy Parkin as my bassist for live events throughout my career.


Skope: Your video for “Eyes of an Angel” is getting a lot of attention on YouTube. Is that song about someone you know personally or an amalgam?


Matthew: The song was not written about anyone in particular. It is about couples who grow distant because they are so concerned about their careers that they don’t have time for each other.


Skope: How has YouTube affected your career as an artist? You have a lot of views for your songs, do you monetize your videos?


Matthew: YouTube has given me the opportunity to broaden my fan base across the world and also give a visual to the music. I monetize all of my music videos.


Skope: What’s the future look like for Matthew Neves and is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?


Matthew: I hope to win a Grammy someday and be recognized for my diligence, passion and great music.


SOCO Magazine


Artist: Matthew Neves

Album Promotion: You and Me



Matthew Neves, a 29-year-old New Bedford, Mass., native, is gaining national and worldwide acclaim as a singer/songwriter, opening for acts such as Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) and Wu Tang Clan, as well as working with 2012 “X-Factor” finalist Jennel Garcia. But while Neves is passionate about music – he produced, composed, arranged, and performed his latest album You and Me by himself- he is equally passionate about life and spirituality.


It helps that his parents were both musicians: his father performed with a Beatles tribute band, and his mother played piano. On his website, Neves recalls that as a small child he would “fall asleep to classical music,”and by the time he was a toddler, he had developed “an exceptional sense of rhythm.”

He grew up in a “hard-working” middle-class family, the kind that enjoyed cookouts, camped out in the summer, and took frequent day trips to Martha’s Vineyard. Neves was a typical teenager who enjoyed skateboarding in addition to playing in DemoticA, a three-piece rock/metal band he founded that release two albums of original material..


But his childhood was not perfect. When Neves was 15s, his parents separated. “It was a pivotal point in my life because my world as I knew it shifted,” he says. He had to “learn how to adapt t living with one parent for a year before they got back together. “ But Neves was never down for long. His positive spirit carried him through any unpleasantness, and he continues to rely on that optimism today, especially in the highly competitive music industry, which he describes as “hostile, very corporate, and cut-throat.”

“I look at the lows more as challenges,” he says. He has a “humble approach” to the highs he experiences, tries never to get ahead of himself, and views his achievements in life and in his career as “earned blessings.” Neves knows that nothing in life is accomplished without drawing some blood and shedding a few tears, and he attributes his self disciplined and hard-working style to the lessons his parents instilled in him as a child including “morals, values, knowledge, and good character.” He says that his mother and father taught him that “Nothing in life worth living for comes easy, there are no shortcuts, nothing is free, and you can’t cheat your way in. You either put in the hard work with your mind, body, and soul or nothing at all.”


By 2004 Neves wanted to concentrate on making pop/rock music. After his first band broke up, he took his career into his own hands, writing and producing the soundtrack for the TV mini-series “Angels.” He built a recording studio and eventually controlled every aspect of his two solo albums, Everybody Dreams and You and me.


Neves admires people who have similar determination. “I love seeing people with drive. It fuels my will to push harder and harder everyday,” he says. Like most musicians, Neves has his sights set on winning a Grammy at some point, but he believes that the opportunity to help others is the biggest perk of celebrity. “My career goal is to become a household name so I am able to use my gift to inspire others through my diligence and passion.” Another reason he wants to become successful is so that he can be “in a position to be able to help others as a philanthropist.”


In the meantime, when he isn’t getting rave reviews from publications such as Skope Magazine which called “Everybody Dreams“ a solid body of work that demands attention” – or winning the Suggested Artist Placement award in Song of the Year’s songwriting contest for his song “I’ve Been So Far Away.” Neves finds ways to put the teachings of his “kind and compassionate” parents to good use. For five years he worked for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation (now called the Department of Developmental Services), a job he found most rewarding. “It taught me to be grateful for everything I have.” He also worked for a bus monitoring service for infants and small children. This job had a lasting impact. “Most of the kids came from broken homes or were fosters who didn’t have much to smile about. I used my time there to help keep their attitudes positive and make them laugh.”


While he tackles various subjects on his latest album, faith, spirituality, and positivity are never far from Neves’s mind. In “Something Special For You, “he writes “Don’t never say never/’Cause the Lord works in mysterious ways” and “God only know when it’s time/to come on out/And make everything feel alright/And make up for the lonely nights.” In “Long Way Home, “Neves sings “It’s a beautiful day/Everyday,” and in “Impossible” he tells the tale of a girl he can’t bond with because of her “negative energy.” Respect and honesty are also important as he makes clear in “Days of Summer” in which he states, “Kiss the girl you call your lover/Cause she’s your bestest friend/Treat her like your mother/’Cause that is the girl who/Makes you feel as if you’re not alone” _ possibly the highest compliment he can give to the woman who raised him.


Neves believes that his music is shaped by his upbringing on the SouthCoast.  He says that being raised in New Bedford has given him “an appreciation for life in general and for different people and cultures.” And though he has strong fan bases in Brazil and the United Kingdom, Neves will always have a special place in his heart for the SouthCoast.  “You know how the saying goes,” he says, “There’s no place like home.”


Interview by: Rachel Freitas, SOCO Magazine



Music Now Magazine


Artist: Matthew Neves

Album Promotion: You and Me



What project are you currently promoting?
I am promoting my second album entitled “You and Me.” I self-produced the entire album. I am promoting a song called “Eyes of an Angel” from my “You and Me” album. It was produced by SENGKX of Boston and has been receiving rave reviews. It’s a catchy tune about a relationship tha is becoming distant because of the worries of tomorrow and emphasizes the importance of enjoying the present. The music video has been released on YouTube and


What is your thought process when working on new music?
I have to be inspired by something that will compel me to write a song about it. Sometimes I write the music according to my mood and then write lyrics that fit the mood of the melody. Other times, I write the lyrics first and then create music that fits the theme.


What inspires your music?
I like to write music about the struggles and challenges of the human experience. I try to impart a sense of wisdom that can be shared universally.


How would you classify your music?
My music is not limited to a particular genre but has a little of everything. I like to write music using any style or genre that fits the mood that I am trying to capture.


How would you describe yourself?
I am outgoing, full of energy, and assume a leadership role in most situations. I am honest and like to be in control of my business dealings. I am not a fan of degrading music with quirking sound effects or taking shortcuts that would make it sound artificial or colored. I always have many projects going on at the same time and multitask out of necessity. I am an entertainer who aspire to promot the betterment of mankind through my music.


What sets your music apart?
My sound is unique and my songs are quite diverse. I let the mood set the style even if it means combining various genres within the same song.


What are some of your musical influences?
I love all styles of music. I have many musical influences and there are too many to list, but some include: The Beatles, Tool, Pantera, Oasis, John Mayer, Frank Sinartra, 50 Cent, Nervana, Aerosmith, and Nas.


What obstacles have you faced in the music industry?
I have experienced so much through out the years, from building my brand, to paying my dues on the road.


What hard lessons have you learned while working in the industry?
I had to learn quickly that the industry is fast and it doesn’t wait for you. You must constantly stay on top of things. I also realize that not everyone is going to love your music. Songwriters like me tend to write music for themselves instead of writing for an intended audience.


Do you feel that people really understand the business aspect of the music industry?
I think a lot of people do not realize how difficult the industry can be. They don’t see the struggle to the top or the amount of interfacing and marketing that goes on behind the scenes.


What changes do you feel that need to be make in the music industry?
The performance rights laws need to be worked out. Primetime broadcast radio is crucial for music promotion, but it is still predominantly controlled by the major record labels and only signed artists get airplay. I am hoping that the new digital paradigm will evolve enough to level the playing field for all music artists.


What direction do you see the industry going?
It’s anyone’s guess where it’s headed. More and more audiences are transitioning to online radio, which will definitely help indie artists.


What steps have you taken to market your music?
I have worked very hard to create my brand. From press release packages to radio interviews, I am always seeking ways to market myself and my music. Building a relationship with your audience is key and I do this using social media and live events. I love internet radio because you get direct feedback from your fans. I am releasing a series of music videos to give fans a visual. You must have confidence in your abilty to deliver to make it in this business.


If you can have any collabos?
Paul McCartney. Paul is a musical genius that would gain any artist’s respect.


What are your project plans for 2013?

My current plan is to focus on creating and releasing two more music videos and marketing my music. I am also planning a tour for the summer of 2014.


Interview by: Davin Onery, Music Now Magazine



Skope Magazine


Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: Everybody Dreams


Matthew Neves is a solo artist out of Massachusetts. He is invading the scene with his latest release, “Everybody Dreams”. Sometimes an artist comes along that makes the dream a reality. Neves is living it and his fans are benefiting from his skills. 


This is an outstanding collection of music. Matthew oozes talent as it runs through his veins and pumps out through the recordings. Each lyric is well thought out and paint beautiful pictures. Musically there is a rocking jazzy edge. Vocally he has a raspy sexy voice that controls the listener. You are compelled to concentrate on every track and eagerly anticipate the next one.


Each song breathes its own life. It is a suave display of exceptionally high quality. The CD starts off with an impulsive track, “When Tomorrow Comes”. It gives you chill bumps and sets up the level of what to expect as the music continues. Then he slides into, “In The End”. This tune is the epitome of cool. Nice guitars with groovy finger picking and solid harmonies that builds brilliance. The song, “Put on a Show” is my personal favorite. It is a rocker with spot on production. He out does himself on this one and could have easily left me satisfied by ending the CD there; But, NO. He then throws in one more slow and seductive grind that compels you to hit play and start the CD all over again.


Every song on this CD deserves a write up all of its own. This is a solid body of work that demands your attention. It is unlike anything I have ever heard. Matthew Neves created a new genre with his release, “Everybody Dreams”. It is worth the listen and provokes savory fantasies. 


Review by: Rebecca Hosking, Skope Magazine 

Rating: 5 / 5




Review You

Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: Everybody Dreams


With just his first solo album, Everybody Dreams, singer/songwriter/producer Matthew Neves has taken the Indie music scene by a storm.  Representing a musical mixture of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and The Goo Goo Dolls, it's no wonder why Neves is steadily gaining national attention, especially for his work on Everybody Dreams.


For starters, Everybody Dreams is a very diverse album, with Neves playing along to a mellowed out, heartfelt, passionate ballad one moment, and in full on swing with a bit of a 'Maroon 5' vibe to purely pop rock tracks the next.  Kicking off with "When Tomorrow Comes," the electric guitar line sets the perfect tone right in the beginning of the track.  Neves' vocals chime in along with drums, and before you know it you're sitting in your seat bobbing your head to the beat of the song. The guitar line here is a surefire favorite, especially with the mini-solo around the 1-minute mark. Another guitar solo kicks in around three minutes in, and it’s just pure fun.


Taking a step away from the rocking out is "I Don't Know What You Believe.”  It’s more of a laid back track, not exactly a ballad, but definitely more mellowed out.  Neves is belting out about a dear love with lyrics such as, "No other girl meant much to me, look in my eyes, what do you see?" The simplicity of the hi-hat is enough to add an extra jolt of energy, while claps join in and a vocal sing-a-long at the end will have listeners clapping and singing along easily.


Stand out tracks definitely include "Jenny's Not Sleeping," "Put On A Show," and "She Said." "Jenny's Not Sleeping" is more on the mainstream, up-tempo, up-beat purely pop-rock side. Accompanied by a nice, grooving shuffle beat on the drums, the guitar is your classic pop-rock line on the upbeats, keeping time with the hi-hat for the majority of the verses. As the song progresses, everything becomes funkier.  "Put On A Show" may be what a modern day Elvis Presley would sound like.  It's pop-rock, but with a funk edge, with the piercingly beautiful guitar solos and bright, bold drum beats and fills.


Through the progression of the album, Neves only further more proves his musicality and diversity. The album closes with a passionate ballad titled "She Said."  It evokes a John Mayer's "Daughter's" type of vibe, a soulful ballad of concerned love with a unique piano arrangement and simple drums.  "And baby, baby I know you have a fragile heart, don't be distant. I know you love me with all your heart. Don't you know, I'm your best friend?” sings Neves, ultimately bringing the perfect finish to Everybody Dreams.

Everybody Dreams is jam-packed with originality, variety, and fresh musicality. Take a listen.  From start to finish, your ears will be thanking you.


Review by Alexa Spieler, Review You

Rating:  5 stars (out of 5)



I am Entertainment Magazine

Artist: Matthew Neves

Album: Everybody Dreams

Key Tracks: All


The Goo Goo Dolls, vocally, with a Maroon 5 vibe. I’m a big Maroon 5 fan,

so that’s saying a lot! Matthew has a very commercial voice that he can

change up when he wants to. He has a naturally smooth tone, with the

ability to get a little gritty as well. “Everybody Dreams” runs the gamut of

styles from high energy pop/rock tracks, to passionate ballads.


I’d recommend checking buying this album. One of my personal faves is,

“In the End.” I love the guitar on this song. Great songwriting, remarkable

lead vocals, and awesome production, you won’t be disappointed.


Matthew says: “My solo Pop/Rock album entitled “Everybody Dreams” was

appropriately named as it is my dream to make it in the music world. My

ultimate goal is to reach international audiences with my music. My plan

is to create a buzz, grow my fan base, and hopefully get signed along the

way. It all starts with a dream.”


Review By: Leslie White

Score: 4 / 4





What is your thought process when working on new music?

I have to be inspired by something that will compel me to write a song about it.  Sometimes I write the lyrics first and then create music that fits the theme. Other times, I’ll write the music according to my mood and then write lyrics that fit the mood of the melody.


What inspires your music?

I am inspired by life’s situations that bring out the best and worse in all of us. These situations conjure emotions and emotions can be captured by songs.


How would you classify your music?

I like to write music using any genre that fits the mood I am trying to capture. Many of my songs are a mixture of Pop, Rock, and R&B, with an emphasis on off-beat rhythm and a captivating melody.


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I am very ambitious and have many projects going on at the same time. I am a business man as well as an entertainer. Whether I am working with other artists in the recording studio, writing songs for a new release, or getting ready for the next live show, I’m always very busy.


What sets your music apart from others in your genre?

I don’t like to type-cast all my songs into a single genre. I let the mood set the style, even if it means combining various genres within the same song.


When you are working on a new song… Do you already have a concept in mind or do you rather write on top of music/beats?

Again, I feel my music stems from whatever mood I am in at that particular moment and so I keep three things in mind when working on a new song: my emotions, what will entertain the listener, and making the song sound unique and original.


What are some of your musical influences?

I have many musical influences. There are too many to list them all, but some include: The Beatles, John Mayer, Tool, Pantera, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Frank Sinatra, Toni Braxton, 50 cent, Nirvana, Aerosmith, and Nas.


What obstacles have you faced in the music industry?

I have experienced so much through the years, from building my brand, to paying my dues on the road. I feel that the toughest obstacle for me has been getting the right ear to listen to my music.


What hard lessons have you learned while working in the industry?

I had to learn quickly that the industry is fast and it doesn’t wait for you. You must constantly stay on top of things. I also realize that not everyone is going to love your music.


Do you feel that people really understand the business aspect of the music industry?

I think a lot of people do not realize how difficult this industry can be, and the major role that business plays in it. They don’t see the struggle to the top or the amount of marketing and interfacing that goes on behind the scenes. Also, the financial stress involved in making things happen can be very burdensome to the artists.


What changes do you feel that need to be made in the music industry?

The performing rights issues need to be worked out so that there is a level playing field between signed and Independent artists.


What direction do you see the music industry going?

It’s really anyone’s guess where it’s headed. I would like to see more creativity among artists and more individuality.


What steps have you taken to market your music?

I know how to market myself and have worked very hard to create my brand. I started with a national college radio campaign and expanded it to include commercial and internet radio. I love internet radio because you get direct feedback from your fans. I also created a music video for a song called “In The End” from my “Everybody Dreams” album. I am outgoing, full of energy, and assume a leadership role in most situations. Most of the time, I am in full control of my surroundings. You have to be extremely confident in yourself to make it in this business. Marketing yourself is all about knowing who you are in mind, body, and soul. 


If you can have any collaboration with an artist who would it be and why?

 Paul McCartney.  Paul is a musical genius that would gain any artist’s respect.


If you can work with any producer who would it be and why?

I feel as though my creativity stems from my producing skills as much as my musicianship. I like to produce everything myself, but if I was in a position where it was mandated that I work with another producer, I would most likely enjoy working with Timbaland.


Who would you consider are the top 5 producers now?

 Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Timbaland, and Jimmy Ivene are the ones who are making the most money, so they are all doing something right.


What song are you currently promoting? Who is the producer and how did the song come about?

“I’ve Been So Far Away” is a song from my Everybody Dreams album. It was self-produced and has received rave reviews. It also won Song of The Year’s Suggested Artist Placement award.

I am planning a music video for it and hope to complete it in the next few months.


What album/cd are you currently promoting?  What are some of the producers that are on the cd?

I am promoting my Everybody Dreams album. I self-produced the entire album.


What is your next album/cd that you are working on? What is the concept behind your next musical project?

There are two albums in the works. The first album will have about ten songs on it and are pretty much like my first album. The second album will be a mix of pop tunes, each with a new twist.


What are your project plans for 2011?

I plan to stroll into the mainstream scene and begin my long journey to legendary status. My dream and goal is for my legacy to become legendary.